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The 4x4s 

The 4X4s are 16x20 in total size, but are made up of 16 different images. The mat has 16 openings in 4 rows of 4. I went through years and years of photographs and came up with some themed sets, mostly doors, but also some dogs and pubs and cats and some graveyard images.

These take longer to make since the mats have multiple openings cut to display 16 little photos that are printed and then trimmed and mounted by hand. There is only one size: 16x20

NOTE: The photos below do not show the entire mat. The top, side, and bottom borders are larger than pictured.
Also, all mats are white and the same, even though they may look different in these images. Some of these sample images were shot in poor conditions, but the actual real photos and mats will of course look much better.

Looking for doors from Ireland? There is a 32-photo set featuring a door from each county in the 'doors and gateways' gallery, where most of these sets are also featured.

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