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good evening, ladies and gentlemen




 the crypt of the triptychs 

Recently Uncovered Old Photographs From Deep Beneath the 35slide Studio...

Grouped Into Threes Because It's Not A Good Idea To Be Alone Down Here 

ATTN: the Crypt Door is OPEN







Please refrain from smoking at or near the Door,

as this has at past events caused confusion among the demonically possessed.

And PLEASE, DO NOT PARK BEHIND THE TACO BELL. Last year, All Hell broke loose. Literally.

There are a total of 31 Triptychs in this Crypt. They cannot be separated. There is no mix and match. Some of the relationships within the group may seem tenuous or even nonexistent, but hey, that happens a lot, doesn't it? All photos are matted to 16x20. Images are printed on vampire paper (light-sensitive), so there is no ink involved. All mats are conservation quality. These are older photos, ranging mostly from 1996-2013, so the plastic sleeves could be cleaner, but inside all is OK. Some mats have small bends on corners. These are all minor and will not be seen when the photos are framed. Some have indentations on the backing because they had been framed before. No Big Deal. There are more Specials after the exhibition of Triptychs, so keep scrolling down, OK? Any questions about the images within a set, please email me. 





1. Pour a port and plumb the depths of this dark grave and decide who gets a ride back into The Light.

2. At the very end...down, down, down this precarious pit...are sets of Keys: Old Door Keys & Old Piano Keys.

3. Hit the Keys, pick what you please, and with pie-like ease click the black button. 


OK. I think that's it. Enjoy the Galleries, but do be careful. It can get a little funny in here...

Canine Cleopatra, Camel Choir, Beer Monkey


Puppets, In The Chapel of the Dead, Lady of Sorrows

Imperial Door Knocker, Incense Sticks, Big Bronze Vessel


Early Morning at Pangong Lake, Guanajuato at Dusk, Sunset at Lago Atitlan

Tired Columns, Temple Doorway, Apsaras

Sufi Dancer, Hindu Pujari, Renovating Buddha

The Door, Garden Door, House on Elephantine Island


Skull Carving, NIght Baby, Architectural Odd Couple

Millesgarden in Winter, Bilbao, Forest Crucifix

Sunlight Basin, Ghost House, Church of San Francisco

Delaware Bay at Dusk, Morning Sky Zanzibar, Ocean Beach SF

Bicycles, Wild Plant, New Snow Old Stones

Flowers for Buddha, Colorful Dragon, Smiling Face of Jayavarman VII

Broken Blue Iceberg, Fractures in a Frozen Lake, The Hand of God (Version)

Coimbra, Lisbon #1, Derelict Flats


Ancient Aqueduct, Old Bridge at Sobradelo, Puente La Reina

The Baptismal Room, St. Hilaire Abbey, Cloister at St Bertrand de Comminges

Tzotzil Girl, Girl in Window, Young Girl in Orchha

Love Burst, Gemini Giant, Yucca #2

Imploring Angel, Stone Mourner #1, Millesgarden Silhouettes

Nutmeg, Crushed Chilli, Garlic Man

Misty Morning #2, Grove of Trees #4, Winter Sunrise

Kotor Fortress, Sea Castle, Castle of San Sebastian

Magnets, Boat Bottoms, Market in Yemen

Boy on Bus, Boy and his Goat in the Gobi, Laughing Girl


Interwoven, Architecture of Sleep, Garage Moderne (Regular Guys Like Weird Trees, Hammocks, Gas Stations...)

Dog at Bus Stop, Cafe in Aspen, Old House in Perast...(Walk the Dog, Grab the paper, Do Laundry)

Stone Poseidon, Stockholm, Colossal Stone Head

Architectural Odd Couple, Hill of Crosses #3, Tallinn, Estonia

Old Wall in Granada, In the Gardens of the Alhambra, The Medieval District of Albayzin

Copper-Colored Sea at Sunset, Solitary Tree, Heap of Stones

That's it for the Triplets. We now descend Beyond the Triptychs...

Here are some 16x20 pairs I found in a sublevel of the Crypt I call

  The  Meat loaf  Mausoleum...because 2 outta 3 ain't bad.

All 9 MeatLoaf Combos are priced in the mid-70s, which make sense if you think about it ...($75)


Don't slip as you make your way here, and keep your head, for you are now deep within this barrow, on a narrowing path down a harrowing shaft, cowering fast against the night-black nothing.  But you sense...Something.

Something like 13 pairs of old odd images matted to 11x14 would be a good guess...and the themes fit right in around here.

Usually $60 each...these are 2 for $52. Steady, now...


That was close. Nicely done. You're almost down to what looks like the last level of this chilling chamber. Maybe.

There's one image here, wedged into a wall:


From 2010...framed in thin black metal. Normal price $350.

This one is $200. Delivered or Picked Up Only.

And then...


As you're nervously mumbling, the ground starts crumbling,

then you're stumbling and tumbling, fumbling for a hold...

Falling then crawling through bones, bugs, and mold.

And behold! Looming in that gloom that's never known a broom

Is the Crypt's intimate, and ultimate, underground room:





the cave of macabre canoodling

A spooky, smoochy, kooky kinda joint

where anything can happen...and usually dies!

(I mean usually does. Yeah. Sorry.)

Farewell Kiss, Italy ...Deframed (There are indentations on the backing from the former frame.) The mat size is 18x24. To confirm, THIS IS UNFRAMED. Normally $150. This one $100.

Angel's Kiss, Italy. Shown without mat, but it's Matted to 16x20 total size. Nothing wrong with it at all, and not that old. Watermark won't be there of course. Normally $100.

This one $85.

Big photo in a big frame. 40x50 Total size. Frame has minor chips. Plexiglass a little dirty/marked, but hard to tell when hanging. Frame is 4 inches wide and all wood. Has an interesting ornate pattern on the inside that matches the fingerbones of the Angel of Death quite nicely. I've sold a few of these in thin metal frames for $995. This one was priced at $1100. It is #66 in the edition. 

Anyway, I'd let it go for $550 as-is. Pick-up / Delivery only. 

Whew...That's it. I hope you are all OK. You can scroll up and get outta here the same way you came in if you need fresh air or a stiff Vampiro or something. But if anything caught your eye (I hope not literally...I know it's weird in here) and you would like it, see below.


Click the Keys at this Crypt's base*

They'll speed and spirit you through this Space

Recite the Rite! (just in case)

And free your Photos from this place...


Stick with the Keys and beware the other portals.

There's nothing there. Really.

This little festivity marks my last gig of 2017, I think.

Thanks for all of the support.

Enjoy The Fall and the Winter...gene







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