happy 2022!

Happy New Year. It's '22. Sounds catchy, doesn't it?

I hope this new year is a little less absurd and more logical than some of the recent ones, but I won't hold my breath.

Oh, and 2022 has a few twos in it too, and when one chooses these deuces as a theme it produces, well, what follows.

So, inspired by two, and without further ado, except just saying Joseph Heller helped too, here we go...


PROMO #1: Match-22

First I found some old photographs while going through the studio and paired them together, like the two twos in '22. All photographs in the first section below are roughly 12x18 images matted to 18x24 and cost $165 each on this site, but for a limited time these will be on offer as a two-for-one deal, so you get both large photos for $165. There are 22 sets below.  Substitutions or changes will be honored only if requested by the indifferent. NOTE: Requesting such changes or substitutions naturally implies that the requestor has some concerns, which would automatically render all such requests invalid. I'll cover shipping, so that's almost two good two be true. To order, figure out which set you like and email me at geniephoto@yahoo.com. There is only one set of each. I'll shoot you an invoice for $165 total.

Remember these are big photos with a mat size of 18 inches x 24 inches.

PROMO #2: Batch-22

Also, at the bottom of this page I am offering a huge photo I took of a strangler fig tree in Cambodia in 2002. This photograph was taken at aperture F/22 and turns 20 this year.  Just this week I found, fittingly, a box with the last 22 copies of this photo in the very large size of roughly 26 in x 38 in. They are big. They will be shipped rolled into cardboard 2ubes. This photograph is not even possible to take anymore due to security restrictions set up to make sure nobody ruins the ruins, because it is illegal to destroy destroyed property (Article 22). Anyway, these large photos are $695 on this site, but I am offering this one image here for $306, which is roughly 44% of the normal cost, or 2 x 22%. This one can actually be ordered in the ASIA section of the PHOTO page on this site. The discount will be applied on the invoice.

PROMO #3: Catch-22

Oh yeah, for the next 22 days anybody aged 22 months or older who purchases at least 2 photos (not involving PROMO #1 or #2 or angel sets) will catch a 22% reduction off their invoices, and for these same 22 days the rule requiring proof that the discount is not needed in order to qualify for the discount will be waived. It's the least I can two.

All sales last 22 days and will end on 02.02.2022 at 02:22.





Old Doors in France


Kids in Burma and China

Graveyard scenes in Bologna


Temple Door and Church Door (India and France)


Blue doors (Uzbekistan and Spain)

Overgrown doors (India and Spain)



Stone mourners (Italy and Spain)

Market scenes in Hanoi

Roadside America (NV and PA)


Churches (Montana,US and Cobh,Ireland)


Shepherdesses (Spain and Mongolia)


Natural abstracts (Death Valley CA and ice in Tajikistan)


B&W building scenes (Sarajevo and Pisa)


Trees  #1 (France and Spain)


French facades


Crucifixes (Spain and Czechia)


Bar scenes (Matchbox bar in Chicago and Toner's Pub in Dublin)


Derelict buildings (Philly and Cairo, IL)

Asian scenes involving markets and transportation (Thailand and Cambodia)

Trees #2 (Thailand and Ireland)

Oddball random set (Pots and pans in Singapore and old blue jars in Milwaukee)


22ed, dude✓

Two Lithuanian Hill of Crosses scenes

PROMO #2...Tree Reclaiming Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia 2002

Shot on 100 speed Fuji slide film at F/22

Printed on 30x40 unlabeled Fuji Crystal archive photographic paper.

Edition of 28. Signed and numbered. 22 remaining. Click to check it out.


PROMO #3...catch-22% off any purchase of 2 photos or more, with the exception of purchases involving the other two PROMOS or angel sets.

discount applied on invoice