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Market Boat, Thailand (1 and 2)

Market Boat, Thailand (1 and 2)


Women in little boats laden with produce look for customers at a small river market in southern Thailand.

I was lucky to get the whole shebang in these shots.

There are two different images: Market Boat and Market Boat #2

These are unique photos in my collection since they are in a 3:1 ratio, rather than the normal 3:2.

Therefore, there are only 3 sizes: 4 x12 image matted to 5.5 x 14, framed and mounted 8x24 image, and framed and mounted 12x36s.


To compare these sizes, please see the photo of them together on this page.

The 12x36s and 8x24s are framed in distressed black wood, handmade here at the studio, and employ anti-reflection glass.

The small 5 1/2 x 14 frames are USA-made from OH.

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