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Kilimanjaro From The Air, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro From The Air, Tanzania


In Zanzibar, while gambling in some strange secret lounge I ended up in, I realized my money situation was worse than I had thought. I then had to choose between a safari and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, since doing both, my original plan, was no longer possible. I chose the safari, and even though flights from Stonetown to Arusha were full, I was told if I showed up outside the airline office at midnight with a $100 US bill, all would be OK. So I did, and flew the next day. The plane passes Kilimanjaro on the way. I snapped this photo out the window while enjoying 8 complimentary Tusker lagers during the 80-minute flight. That's right, a beer every 10 minutes. After all, it's a wild place over there.

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