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Hand-Powered Carnival Ride, Laos

Hand-Powered Carnival Ride, Laos

I was lucky enough to be invited to a Boun Bang Fai, a Lao rocket festival that lasts three days and features food, music, and the firing of homemade bamboo rockets into the air in order to anger the gods so that they send rain.

There's lots of drinking of lao-lao too, the local moonshine, and of course gambling.
(Incidentally, when it was all over, I was up 100,000 kip: about $13 at the time.)

I saw this man depicted in the photo with his handcrafted and totally manual amusement ride at the festival. For a few kip he would spin everybody around for a minute or so.

Very fun, eco-friendly, and most likely not god-angering at all.
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