Cafe con Leche, Spain

Cafe con Leche, Spain


A shot of Eusignio (aka Elvis) pouring me a coffee in his wonderful establishment in northern Spain, right on the Camino de Santiago.

My favorite shot from 2013.

This photo was printed in three versions in 2013:

a cropped color version, a cropped B&W, and a full-frame B&W.

After showing all three for a few months in 2013, I decided to concentrate

on the cropped B&W, which is the one pictured here, but all three 

have been around. They all have limited availability right now, especially the

cropped B&W. There are only large sizes left for this one (24x36, 40x60, 48x72)

The 11x14 white matted size is SOLD OUT

16x20 MATTED size...ONLY dark mats left in the full-frame B&W version

18x24 MATTED size... SOLD OUT

16x24 and 20x30 wood-mounted images are SOLD OUT


For color version please email me, or stop by a show.

There are some 12x16 matted size in white mat (cream-core) and some 16x20 matted size in dark grey/ cinder for the full-frame version (the original uncropped photograph)


I've included a shot of the exterior of his bar, and this is also available in similar sizes.

E. F. L. pembroke

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