I am adding photographs when I can.


Hover over 'galleries', then...


click on the area of the world or type of photo you would like to see, and then click on each photo. There will be a description or a story for each image, as well as a dropdown menu with sizes and prices.


Once clicked, you can use the arrows at top to navigate through a particular gallery.


Eventually there will probably be an overwhelming number of images on this site, so check back often, and thanks again.















During the pandemic, since all shows have been cancelled, it will be possible to order the smaller prints that I usually make just for art festivals. These are $30 each, 2 for $50, and 5 for $100. Email me if interested, since they are not on this site, and not every photo is available in this size (5x7 matted to 8x10). Thanks. -efp

eugene francis pembroke

 photography from around the world