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coming soon or "soonish" 

I am currently working on my first big photo book

(while simultaneously working on three* other ones).

The first will be a photographic travelogue of some ancient pilgrimage

trails in Europe that I have been walking annually since 2013.

Most of these book projects are years-long endeavors with uncertain completion times.


UPDATE...For the camino project, I went back in early 2020 and walked a couple of weeks through Spain, bringing the total to about 4300 miles on foot, which is just under 7000 km, and that may be enough, but I might go back for one more go, on some routes I haven't tried yet. There are lots of them these days.


In 2019 I inadvertently initiated an Ireland book project. 

   It will be a pictorial record of a three-month journey around the country on     foot.


I returned to Ireland to finish this project in 2020, but the pandemic obviously affected my plans, along with those of everyone else on the planet. I quarantined in the town of Ardara in County Donegal for eight weeks, and this may turn into its own little project.








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