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---read a blog I wrote for Conde Nast Traveler magazine back in 2008. there are about 40 entries that cover 7 weeks in South America and Antarctica. it's rather clumsily spaced out over a few pages. scroll down the page, then hit NEXT to read the earlier entries. click here

--Swedish author Alexander Ahndoril used my 'Fractures in a Frozen Lake #2' photograph for the cover of his novel 'Diplomaten' . check it out here

---my friend jeff and I were hired to do some video work for the 2012 tour of the Dave Matthews Band. the videos were projected onstage during the tour. we created videos for 5 songs while driving around CA and NV in a rented and fully-insured minivan filled with cameras, costumes, and tequila, making it up as we went along. In addition to co-directing and photographing and editing, I'm also the dime store astronaut in One Sweet World and the guy in the animal suits in Halloween. it was a lot of fun. you can check them out by clicking here

---listen to an NPR (WBEZ) radio interview with me from Chicago in August of 2015 here

---I may do some writing in little grey boxes like the one below too, although it looks like the only entry so far is from quite a while ago.

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